What courses do you do at Inspire? 

We offer a range of classes, all of which you can explore in the ‘Learning Programmes’ tab in the top bar.


What ages do you offer support to?

We support adults with learning disabilities, so anyone who is 18 or above. However, we do consider 17 year olds as well.


What kind of learning disabilities do you focus on?

We support anyone with a learning disability, regardless of how mild or severe. This includes anyone with a disorder than may come with a learning disability as well, such as autism or down syndrome.


Do you offer personal care?

We do not offer personal care. Our focus is more on educational support.


When do you accept volunteers or student placements? 

We accept volunteers and student placements on a rolling basis, so do get in touch if you are interested!


Do you need a DBS check to work, volunteer or have a student placement at Inspire?

Yes, however we can provide your DBS check for you.


If you have any other queries, do not hesitate to get in touch!