Drama for Radio


Drama for Radio

Including Presenting, Acting and Technical roles using recording and sound equipment.

Drama exemplifies the notion that we can learn in different ways, this is particularly important concept for members with general learning disabilities, it-

- promoting self-expression
- building self-confidence
- enhancing creativity
- encouraging co-operation

Drama can be seen, in part, as a way in which our members can let off steam, as a psychological release from tension. However, drama is not simply about letting the students exercise their energies in whatever way they wish; it is, in part, about introducing a new perspective on how to look at their world. In this sense, drama enriches the participant in a way that few other subjects can.

Our members are at the centre of the learning experience, and this allows them to build their own bridges of understanding. Drama in education is a process of negotiation between students and the teacher. In drama, the teacher partakes willingly in a reversal of their usual role from one who knows it all, so that learners create an active learning experience.