Creative Classes

We offer a range of creative classes for our members to get involved with. These allow for them to try out new hobbies, express themselves in new ways, develop their skills and, most importantly, have fun!

Music and Performance

We run a weekly Music and Performance session run by Ralph. This is a brilliant opportunity for our members to get involved with our ‘Paperclip’ band, we you can drum, strum, pluck and sing! We have also taken our group to perform in a care home, and hope to do more performances soon!

The DJ and Music Video sessions are also weekly, and allow our members to explore their creativity through DJing and producing a music video. Members will gain a combination of music and technological skills, and will also get the opportunity to perform at our monthly Inspire Disco!

All music sessions are held at our Training Centre on 23 Mansfield Road.

Drama and Theatre

Our weekly drama classes give our members the chance to improve upon their acting and performance skills. This is great for those who have an interest in acting, and also serves as an occasion to develop team work skills. As well as performance skills, members engage in costume and set design, planning and promotion.

Drama classes are held and the ICC at 61B Mansfield Road.

Film and Photography

Film and Photography sessions allow our members to learn how to use cameras, and allow students of our drama classes to film their work.

Our members get the chance to socialise, as well as visit unique places and buildings to capture points of interest.

Sessions are held at the ICC.

Creative Workshop

Every Wednesday we take our members to learn woodwork, metalwork and design skills in a work space. They are given the opportunity to create products and art with the use of digital technology and machinery. This is one of our most popular programmes, and prepares our members with important life skills that can increase their independence and confidence.

These workshops are held at HackSpace Nottingham.

Cooking and baking 

Every day of the week we run catering sessions and help our members learn the skills to make healthy food and put together menus, as well as learn how to set up and run a successful catering business.

Sessions are held at the ICC and Training Centre.