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Summer Programme – Trip to Highfields Park!

  Today our members took part in a field trip to Highfields Park at the University of Nottingham! Due to our summer programme, we are currently in the midst of a series of fun trips as well as exciting indoor activities. Today our members enjoyed the sunshine, had a lovely walk and …

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DJs in action at Inspire Disco

Inspire members have been providing the music at our monthly disco! The DJ group is an exciting recent addition to our learning programme. The members are gaining the skills and experience to be DJs, putting together individual playlists and learning all about music and video technology. The disco takes place at The …

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News Group interview Community Protection Officers

This week New Group members Matthew, Michelle, Joyce and jeremy welcomed officers from Nottingham Community Protection. Mike and Simon explained how they work closely with Nottingham Police to provide a public service that helps cut crime and build a strong relationship with local communities.  

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Laser Cutting

Members on the Creative Workshop course at Nottingham Hackspace have been learning to use the laser cutter. This will allow the members to cut highly detailed and intricate shapes out of a range of materials including card, perspex and laser-safe wood. See the course blog for more information about how the …