Application Form: Volunteer Application Form

At Inspi7re we have volunteers of all shapes and sizes, and we make volunteering a rewarding and positive experience. We offer the following training and support so volunteers develop their potential and make volunteering a rewarding and positive experience:

    • Induction—ensures volunteers the opportunity to become familiar with our organisation and how it is run.
    • Training (accredited if required)—on the job training helps the volunteer to jump right into working with others, and helps to boost confidence. We also offer various 1 day training sessions as applicable.
    • Ongoing support –through frequent chats with mentors, debriefing, and team meetings.
    • Volunteer social events—special volunteer nights out encourage you to make new friends and get to know those that you might not work with on a regular basis.
    • Development of team working skills—we cannot do what we do without team work, or without you! Join our team today.

Some of our volunteers have subsequently found employment with us or other organisations, or have used it as a stepping-stone into studying or further training.

If you are interested in volunteering at Inspire, fill out the above form and hand in to the Inspire Shop, or email to admin@inspire-nottingham.org.uk